Saturday, January 8, 2011

And the Nomination Goes to...

I know I promised to tell you the story of why I don't go to the dollar store on Friday mornings, and I will, but not now. I did something today that I hope each of you will also do and that's nominate your favorite blogs for the 2011 Annual Weblog Awards at this website.

Okay, that's an Oscar. Same thing. Here are my nominations:

Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog:
1. Dribble..... (Not yet because I haven't gotten her permission. Her blog is anonymous, so I didn't want to nominate her if she wasn't comfortable with it. But as soon as I get the okay, the nom is hers).
2. ~Core Blimey~

Best Parenting Weblog:
1. Absolutely Narcissism
2. Thoughts of an Oxymoron

Best Topical Weblog:
The Well-Fed Spirit

Most Humorous Weblog:
1. Simple Dude in a Complex World
2. stupid stuff i see and hear
3. Visions unto myself

Best Writing in a Weblog:
1. The Long Journey to the Middle
2. The Well-Fed Spirit
3. This and That (As I Bounce Thru Life)

The Best Kept Secret Weblog:
1. A Bitch Called Mom
2. Can U Relate?
3. The Ranter's Box

Best New Weblog (started in 2010):
1. Jumble Mash
2. Rants from the Hormonally Challenged
3. Unsound Reasoning

Lifetime Achievement:
Micael Chadwick

Weblog of the Year:
1. The Bitchy Waiter
2. The Ranter's Box
3. The Long Journey to the Middle
4. The Well-Fed Spirit

All of the people that write these blogs deserve an award. Some people have no idea the time, effort, and research that goes into a well-planned, informative, and entertaining blog. If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading any of the blogs mentioned above, stop what you're doing and get your ass over there. I tried to include as many of my favorite blogs as possible, but if I missed you, please don't take it personally. Sometimes the decision has to be made to select the best of the best and that's what I did. I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass, either. I don't follow blogs that I don't find interesting, entertaining and/or non-offensive. A blog has to "do something" for me in order for me to follow it.

If you're over 30, you can also go to Studio Thirty Plus where they are also doling out blog awards. No babies allowed, so if you're 18-29 years old, in the prime of your life, with no sagging skin whatsoever, you're not invited.

Stay tuned for my Dollar General story. It involves anger, guns, laundry detergent, and a decision that saved my life.


  1. You are.. ♥ mmm Thank you!

  2. While I have received many, many compliments of late, I have to say this one is the icing on the cake. To me, being nominated is a win no matter what the outcome. I'm really touched that you find my blog worthy of that award. Thank you so very much. Hugs.

  3. Mrs. Hyde,
    I'm honored to be nominated by your Bitchiness! I take a humble bow at your feet (provided you're not in the mood to kick someone's face!)
    I'll have to check out Studio 30+. Is there one for those of us over 40 or are most of us still trying to wait out this internet fad thing?

  4. aww thankyou so much and you can certainly nominate me. I may have already nominated my self somewhere and you also.
    Hugs xx

  5. I love all those noms, especially mine. But the one I like the most is the lifetime achievement award for Rabbit.

    I know he has had a number of blogs over the years that I missed out on, and that he is taking a break now.. but he is still one of the most talented, creative people I have come across on the net. And I'd say that even if he DIDN'T design my blog for me - which he did.


  6. Mrs -

    Great list of noms. I already follow several of these nominees, but your list gives me a great opportunity to check out some others!


  7. You are amazingly awesome!!! I nominated you for best kept secret too. I'm going to pretend I'm not super jealous that you have so many followers now. Just remember, I loved you when...LOL

    thank you for nominating me. I too think we are best kept secrets.

  8. That is a good list of blogs to nominate.

  9. Well thanks for the link! I nominated my husband for the religion award. I'm waiting to read your Dollar General story!

  10. I am very honored for your nomination!

    you have made my day...

    you will never know how much this means to me!

    thanks VERY much!

    i hope all your other nominees get a nod from the powers that be!

    you always rock my socks baby!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  11. Thanks for the nomination. I feel so honored that you feel my snarky ass deserves weblog of the year. Woo hoo! ...Although does that mean that I didn't make the cut in the funny department? ; )

    Congrats to all the other nominees. Well deserved! ...And yes, you are one of the best kept secrets in the blogging world!! xo

  12. @Tame- You're very welcome.

    @Barb- I think your writing is awesomeness.

    @Lolamouse- I know plenty of 40+ peeps with Facebook pages, so...

    @Mynx- I will amend my ballot to include you ASAP.

    @SD- that's my fave, too.

    @PM- yes, please check them out. They're all great blogs.

    @Tory- do great minds think alike or what?

    @OT- Thanks, I thought so, too. Thanks for joining us over here. Happy to have more men! I may start a campaign to get you a BJ (that was you who said that on SD's blog, right? If not, forgive me. I'm old.)

    @Beautiful- patience, my dear. I'll have to check out your hubby's blog.

    @Bruce- sock-rocking is what I do best.

    @Empress- I think you're hilarious! The problem is I had you down for four different categories, but I wanted to spread the love out among all my friends. It took me over an hour to submit my noms because I kept rearranging it trying to make sure I didn't forget anyone.

  13. Submitted my noms this evening, Mrs, and your blog was among them (Humor) ... We had a couple of duplications - namely Simple Dude and The Empress(Ranter's Box) ...

    Keeping my fingers crossed (although that makes it difficult to type) that at least some of our faves make the final cut ...



  14. Wow what a great blog - I came via Bouncin Barb,then Chief Dad, Jumblemash and curiosity brought me here. Funnily enough I've only just heard about these awards and voted last week. I've just posted about it too. There are some excellent blogs out there and looks like I've just found another one. I love your eloquence and writing style. I have added myself as your latest follower and would be delighted to welcome you at my blog and maybe follow if you wish.
    Warm wishes from a cold UK.
    Carol from - the blog that gives you laughter lines (yeah corny I know but hey I'm old what do you expect?)

  15. You didn't have to nominate me to get in my pants...but it helps :-) Thank you so much and I'm glad you're not blowing smoke up my ass because it comes out my nipples and can hard to explain at the Walmart checkout :-)

  16. Wow, Mrs. Hyde. You seriously just made my day! I am honored!! Thank you sooooo much!

  17. @PM- Thanks so much for the nom! I am truly honored.

    @Facing50- Welcome! I heard from Bouncin Barb that your blog is pretty awesome, so I'll be over real soon.

    @Dad- You are so easy! i didn't even have to buy you dinner.

    @JM- You're very welcome, my dear. You deserve it.

    @BW- You thank me every day by giving me something to laugh about. That's a wonderful gift you've got.

  18. Hey there is some blog love waiting for you over at my place!

  19. Blogging is a bitch--an all consuming waste of time that's addictive. Nice to meet you Mama. Drop over sometime and see the worst blog ever--don't notice any awards for that. What a bitch.

  20. and the zen bitch have a little something over at my place if y'all care to stop by and collect.

  21. As a fellow PMSing Mom I came across your blog just receently and LOVE IT! I nominated you too. Keep up the good work! New to blogging and find your approach refreshing and true!

  22. @JM- Thanks for the love, hon! I'm omw.

    @L.W.- Very nice to meet you as well! I'll drop by on one! I love having partners with whom to bitch.

    @Tory- I will stop by to collect my love, thank you very much. And MAYBE I'll tell the zen bitch.

    @Susan- You roooccck! Thank you so much. I figured there were enough moms talking about how much they freakin' love motherhood, so I decided to take a different approach.

  23. Thanks, Becca! And welcome...stay for awhile, won't you? I make a mean Crantini.

  24. This post has led me to look at more great blogs!

  25. If it's a tini it's for me!!! Save me one while you're at it.

  26. Wow. Compliment overload today.

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I follow a few of the other blogs you nominated and they all rock!

  27. I could have sworn I commented here to say thank you - but I obviously haven't, and I apologize.

    I don't know whether I am coming or going these days.

    But thank you for the nominations. I appreciate the accolades, thought I am not certain I am worthy of them.

    Thanks again - and forgive my delayed response.

  28. Interesting blog!! First time here, although I recognize a number of the commenters!

    We should get to know one another -- I suspect that we could easily have a drink or two!


  29. @Soapbox- Yes, they're all great. I'm sure you'll find some you love.

    @Tory- I always keep plenty vodka on hand and you're welcome anytime.

    @Kara- You're very welcome.

    @Rabbit- No worries. You are worthy of those and so much more.

    @Pearl- Thanks for stopping by. I'd love for you to stay. I used to tend bar, so I know how to make people happy.

  30. Oh chur bro...New Zealand slang for thanks! I am blown away that you think me deserving :)

  31. You're so very welcome, Miss Vicky.


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