Saturday, January 22, 2011

Half-Assed Baltimore

I hope you don't mind, Simple Dude, but I'm gonna go ahead and get the half-assed ball rolling this weekend. We were only 37 minutes into the weekend when shit started pissing me off, so...

In case you didn't feel like wasting two precious minutes of your life watching this video (and who could blame you?) this is Baltimore's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fulfilling the losing end of a bet she made with Pittsburgh's mayor, Luke Ravenstahl over the Ravens/Steelers playoff game. I'm all for fun and games and friendly wagers between rivaling cities, but maybe, just maybe she should have done this before taking money out of the police officers' and firefighter's pockets while giving herself and the city council a raise. Why the hell do they get a raise? Aren't raises designed for employees who aren't fucking up?

Is this bitch for real? How much did this video cost to produce? Let's see, this is Baltimore City, so I'm going to make a conservative guess and say...carry the one... about a million dollars. All this city knows how to do is waste money. When I first enrolled my kids in school transportation at the beginning of the year, they were sending two separate school cabs to pick them up. Let me inform you that both of my children were leaving from the same house and going to the same school. A monstrous waste of money and resources. So I guess this video and other bullshit like it is what happened to the police officer's money that was just cut from their salaries. This is on top of the furlough days that were deducted from their paychecks earlier in the fiscal year. And it's retroactive.

Let me get this straight, Steph. Police officers are expected to fight crime in an increasingly crime-ridden city for less pay than the below-average wages they were already getting? And I'm supposed to feel safe in a city of (rightly) disgruntled police officers? Apparently so.

Good job, Mayor Rawlings-Blake. Good fucking job.

A half-assed post about a jackass. I think I've outdone myself.


  1. My, but doesn't she just look nice? And what a heartfelt message that didn't feel at all rehearsed or canned?

  2. I have to admit, I didn't watch that video. But yes, you out did yourself! How can politician's be so corrupt and greedy, and still expect the people their shafting to protect them? Wow, hypocrisy at it's finest...

  3. Well said. Isn't she suppose to be looking out for the public servants who serve and protect the city?

    Also, mighty fine work for a 1/2 assed post!

    PS: Being the technotard that I am, I have to ask how is it that you go about leaving a link in the comment area? Thanks my friend : )

  4. Dont be Bitter Baltimore. LOL

    I agree with you about the cutting of the budget with regards to cops and fire fighters. Cut the other fat from the animal before cutting the essentials. Cutting cops in Baltimore would have been like cutting troops in Baghdad right after we won the war when Baghdad was full of terrorists.

  5. Mollie- I'd like to can her ass all right.

    Beautiful- 'Hypocrisy at its finest'. I couldn't have said it better.

    Empress- I can't tell you how it's done, but I CAN tell you how I did it: I asked Bruce and he did it for me and emailed me the links. HA! I'm a technotard myself.

    Becca- Ain't it grand?

    OT- That's EXACTLY what it's like. If police are standing by while the villages are looted and pillaged, one can hardly blame them. After all, they're not getting paid to help the citizens.

  6. Mrs Hyde...isn't this also the same city that people have claimed that there has been no help from to try to find that missing girl? Hmmm? Let's see what will make a mayor get airtime more? Football or pledging to help find a young black girl who disappeared off the face of the earth? Hmmmm. Tough choice.

  7. Barb- In my self-pitying I'd forgotten all about that poor girl. Now I'm really pissed off because that is an excellent point you've made. That woman is an idiot.

  8. We had a girl go missing while vacationing here in Myrtle Beach in 2009. They still bring it up on the news, show posters of her, and interview her family and friends back home. She is white. Now I'm not going all racist rant here but what is the difference? If I were this Baltimore girls family I'd be on the White Steps demanding action. How Sad!!

  9. Barb- You have no idea how happy I am that you said that. I don't like to go all racist rant either, but people need to recognize its presence. I fucking love you, lady!

  10. Is this someones idea of a sick joke???
    She is! I shit you not!
    As I have said in the past...." Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but we are government's slaves." will always be. They will dollar and dollars us to death.
    Nickle and dime is a thing of the past.
    It's ME,ME,ME with OUR,OUR,OUR monies.
    Did I over emphasize how this makes me feel ???? It was my intent to do so. ;0)
    THX for agreeing with me.

  11. all i can say is fuck the fucking fuckers...

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    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
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    Dreamodel Guy

  12. We received a speeding ticket from Baltimore from one of their new "school zones." Apparently this clueless mayor has over 80% of the city designated as a school zone. Give me a break. You may win our $40 mayor, but guess what, we're not coming back to visit any entertainment or restaurant in the city. I can only hope this boycott catches on. Maybe the business owners of the city can put on the heat and make these politicians get their act together and stop playing stupid games. Has anyone been on these roads?!!? They purposely toy with the speed limits just to play cat and mouse with their cameras. Wow, what insight from true leaders. Just resign and do something you can handle.

  13. Female- yes, our mayor is a sick joke.

    Bruce- I may make a sign that says that and hang it on my front porch.

    Anon- Those damned cameras have gotten us four times, three of which were in the past two months. They keep moving the cameras so you don't know where they are. It seems unconstitutional to me to cite someone for breaking the law, but there is no accuser to face. And how the hell do I know those cameras are working properly?

  14. You are supposed to trust the contractor who is also probably bringing in big bucks with each ticket issued. Of course O'Malley started all of this with his red light cameras and really short yellow lights. Now we have casinos. It is totally funny that the casino in Perryville has had 3 straight months of declining revenues!!! People are probably getting smarter. I hear it's a bit of a dump anyways.


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