Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Very Bitchy Apology

Hey guys! I just wanted to jump on here quickly and apologize for my absence. Sometime before our anniversary celebration was over, I got a full-time job. Like, an actual job that pays actual money. Good for me, right? Add that to my accelerated PhD studies, kids (three or four, depending on whom you ask), marriage drama, and several weekly workshops and I'm sure you'll understand why I haven't had time to blog.

I haven't forgotten about you, though. I still love you guys and I will definitely try and find time to come on here and bitch about the new job. And the missing, now-adult kid. And the possibly-soon-to-be-ex.

For instance, I would have thought that being a receptionist in a medical office would allow me to sit on my ass for hours, thereby adding extra layers of cellulite to an already cellulite-riddled ass. But no. That would be too much like right. I have never been so fucking exhausted in my life.

The good news is, all that walking and faxing and filing and copying and shit has gotten me off my ass enough to not get LADLE again.

We'll see how long this job lasts. The last job I had lasted exactly thirty-six minutes. And I will never look at banana cream pie the same again.

Try not to get into too much trouble until I get back. Ha! I just gave someone advice on staying out of trouble. That's some funny shit...