These People Think I'm Hot Shit

Awarded to me by the consummate word perv, The Empress at The Ranter's Box.

Given to me by one kick-ass ladyboy, Rabbit (Micael Chadwick) from The Journey.

Bestowed upon me by the undercover sex kitten, Mynx of Dribble and Secret Pleasures fame.

Honesty Award

Bequeathed to me by the lovely Semi True Torystellar from Can U Relate?, whose description I will personalize once I get to know her better.

 x 2

The Undercover Sex Kitten strikes again! And then this award struck again from the man who I might drag down the aisle on my second trip, just so he can tell me over and over how fat my ass is, Dad from Unsound Reasoning.

Endowed to me by the cutie pie herself, Jumble Mash.

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Lavished upon me by my blog twin Semi True Torystellar and the voice in my head that's causing all the fucking mayhem bruce of JADIP and stupid stuff i see and hear.

Presented to me by Kara from Visions unto myself, someone I have yet to corrupt.

Accorded to me by my fellow ass-watcher and dear bloggy friend, Lolamouse of Rants from the Hormonally Challenged.

Granted to me by my future partner-in-crime in the wine-smuggling industry, The Tame One at Thoughts of an Oxymoron.

x 3

Furnished to me by my future pole dancing partner, Jumble Mash and  my current pole dancing partner, The Tame One and my evil twin's twin, Bruce and ______ (this is the space to acknowledge others who will, likely, give me this award in the future.

This, too, is from Mynx. She loves me. Everyone in my blog circle had neglected my rack, but not her.