Monday, November 22, 2010

Writing Debut!!!!!!

OH EM GEE! I am so freakin' pumped! Mynx just posted my story on her naughty blog, Secret Pleasures and, so far, people actually like it!

I came on here to tell you all about the Shiny Turkey Award given to me by the too-cute-for-words Jumble Mash (I realize that young adults don't like to be called 'cute,' but trust me, when you're my age you'll pray every night for just that). I'm supposed to tell a story about food, intoxication, cooking, and/or the holidays. I have a doozy about intoxication, of course, but I'm too excited to write about it right now. I promise I will do it tomorrow if I can get some sleep tonight. I may just be up all night.

Please check it out. I hope you enjoy it!

Do you think I posted enough links?


  1. There are never enough links to appropriately publicize all of your amazing writing. Again, I loved your post over at Mynx's pervy blog site. Have a wonderful week and keep up the superb writing. xoxo

  2. Glad you are buzzing with excitement. Your story is great and I am thrilled you allowed me to include it with my collection of stories. Hugs :)

  3. Um...No not really...could of finished off with one more to even up the post :)

  4. LOL can't wait to read it! But I have to wait until I'm not at work. I would feel so embarrassed if someone started reading the naughty blog over my shoulder without my knowledge :)

  5. @Empress- Thank you I appreciate the love!
    @Mynx- If I was going to trust anyone with my 'baby', it would be you. Thank you for taking good care of her.
    @Miss Vicki- you know, I was thinking the same thing!
    @Jumble Mash- Yes, please wait 'til you get home. Don't want to start any fires that can't be put out at work!


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