Monday, August 9, 2010

Is It The First Day of School Yet?

Who's dumb ass idea was it for me to have four kids? Couldn't have been mine. Must have been the DH (dumb, not dear) who thought of it. And furthermore, why the hell are they out of school for two and a half months in the summertime? If one of these mfers don't get a job, I think I might kill someone. Eating up my food, dirtying all the goddamn dishes, using all the tp and soap... What the hell are they good for?

I'm not being harsh. My youngest child is nine. If that's not get-a-fucking-job age I don't know what is. They all know better and it is pissing me off that they don't act like it. What ever happened to ass-whuppings? You know, back when you could beat a child's ass and break his spirit and not have to worry about the state coming to lock you up? I got my ass whupped up one side and down the other and I am mad as hell that I can't treat my own kids like Hebrew slaves, too.

Ah, the good old days. How I miss them.

But...maybe if I had been treated better, I wouldn't have the urge to treat my children badly. Just a thought.

Who even cares? Do you? Probably not enough to make any changes, though.


Me either.


  1. I hear you, girl! Not only did my parents beat my ass, their friends would beat my ass if they were around and my parents weren't. Then when my parents got home and heard about it they beat my ass for making their friends beat my ass. Now I have kids and you're not allowed to beat ass anymore. We are the most screwed generation.... all that ass beating and no one to take it out on.

  2. I know right! WTF? If we could beat their asses, maybe mother fuckers wouldn't be shooting up schools and killing their parents. They'd be too afraid to step out of line!


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